To achieve our goal of raising money for CCF, which does the work of raising awareness and doing research towards a cure, we need a partnership with the community. Please consider being a sponsor of our race.   




  1.  The McCaffrey Family
  2. Dick and Phyllis Canzano
  3. The Travers family
  4. Lori Delmore
  5. The Murray Family 
  6. Dr. Idris Dahod
  7. Barbara Hughes 
  8. Steve and Carol Canzano 
  9. Chris Pedicone
  10. The Garbarino Family 
  11. The McQuade Family 
  12. The Henley Family
  13. Sandy Fryc
  14. Jason Palitsch 
  15. The McCollum Family 
  16. The Hollenback/Koren Family
  17. The McCollum Family
  18. The Sheperd Family
  19. The Kelleher Family
  20. The Fournier Family
  21. Jennifer Lightdale